Saturday, August 15, 2020

All times are in Central Time

If you’d like a PDF version of the schedule: click here!


Opening Ceremonies

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Ashweez welcomes you to the con and lets you know what to expect during this virtual con!


“Cosplay Contests 101

Hosted by Electric Seafoam

Cosplay Contests 101 teaches the fundamentals of cosplay competitions from masquerades, cosplay contests, solos acts, groups and more! This will also break down the various levels of cosplay craftsmanship, how to prepare yourself onstage as well as how to decide your next show stopping cosplay! Although many of these competitions sound daunting, this step by step tutorial reveals how the pros win every time. She promises: you’ll be up there winning your next competition in no time!


“The Morning After – Streaming TTRPG on Twitch

Hosted by KnightHeartGaming

Wake up after the night of a big D&D game stream and decompress with our thoughts on streaming D&D on Twitch.


“Beyond ‘Cosplay Is Not Consent’ – ComfyCozyCon Edition

Hosted by Cosplayer Survivor Support Network

Our panel analyzes how the “Cosplay is not Consent” movement has functioned and where it fails all attendees in terms of objective safety concerns. We’ll start with the history of harassment at conventions, from the “glomping” and “yaoi paddle” days to the overall conversation of #MeToo and concerns related to inclusivity (e.g. vulnerable populations who get harassed/assaulted more often than others). Learn what constitutes a “good” harassment policy for conventions and how you can participate in making our communities better and safer for everyone!


“Cosplay Fitness and Body Positivity

Hosted by Troy Bushido of @Superhero.Forge

Empowered by the heroes he’s seen on screen, Troy went from a shy, socially awkward kid to a martial artist and fitness coach. This panel is meant to SIMPLIFY the weird and complicated world of health and fitness so YOU can be empowered to get into the same shape as the characters you cosplay. Imagine for one moment that your favorite comic, show, video game, or anime was created into a movie or Netflix series (or perhaps it got rebooted 😉 ), and YOU were cast into the role of your favorite character. Bring the questions about how we would get you ready for the big screen, and we will help you become the hero you were always meant to be.


“We’re All Nerds Here: How to Make the Cosplay Community More Welcoming

Hosted by Anthea

Let’s discuss the many “isms” within the cosplay community! Here we will learn about the many ways the cosplay community can improve to become a better community as well as learning and becoming aware of our own biases when it comes to who we allow in our nerd spaces.


“Strike a Pose 101: Working with Photographers to Showcase Your Cosplays”

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay & Kaseydidwhat

Are you a cosplayer that wants to show off your awesome costume to the world but don’t know how? Do you wonder how your favorite cosplayers get their amazing pictures? Do you want to learn how to find, book, and shoot with photographers so you can have a memento of your hard work? Look no further than this panel! We’ll give you tips on what to look for in a photographer and what to do once you’ve booked your first shoot! Open to all ages and experience levels.


“Intro to Adobe Creative Suite for Cosplayers”

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

The Adobe Creative Suite is a powerful tool and has many programs that can be handy for a cosplayer, but it can be a little overwhelming. Ashweez walks you through each program and what they can be used for to help polish your cosplays and build your brand! Ashweez also offers cheaper alternatives to Adobe.


Cosplay & Acting: Beginners’ guide

Hosted by Fangirlproductions.cos

Always wanted to act or be more in character, but you have stage fright or even don’t know where to begin? Welcome to your acting crash course! In this panel Fangirlproductions.cos will teach you the basics in acting, and give you a survival guide to follow along with to help you! 


“Sew-Along: Make a Comfy Cozy Critter Plush” & Raffle Drawing #1

Hosted by Kaseydidwhat

The only thing missing from a comfy and cozy con, is a comfy and cozy BUDDY! Come sew along with Kaseydidwhat and learn to create a simple plush in the shape of our logo! Once you’ve done this, who knows what kinds of comfy cozy critters you’ll make! Click here for a downloadable PDF of the pattern and materials you’ll need!

Don’t forget to enter the raffle! You could win the very plush that Kaseydidwhat makes on stream!

“Win me!”


I Am Not Throwin’ Away My Shot: Improving Your Photography at Any Stage

Hosted by OffBrandCosplay

If you are interested in making your own photos better, OffBrand has a wealth of info to share from behind the camera as a photographer. We begin with the basics of camera use, composing shots, and settings like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Lighting, one of the most important parts of photography comes next. Finally, we will discuss how to get the most out of the gear you have from your phone, to point and shoot cameras, all the way to DSLR and mirrorless cameras, plus how to upgrade your gear in a smart and cost effective way. OffBrand has done all the research and is happy to share his experience on the other side of the lens.


Semi-Formal Ball

Hosted by Techno Koopa

Prepare for a night of dancing and frivolity. The Semi-Formal Ball is your opportunity to dance with your significant other, learn to practice for the next time you attend a semi-formal ball on your own, or to enjoy some good music for the next two hours from the safety and comfort of your home. This night’s selection of music will include waltzes, jazz, swing, slow dances, flamencos, and more. No dress code required.


Closing Ceremonies & Raffle Drawing #2

Hosted by Ashweez Cosplay

Closing remarks and the raffle for the official ComfyCozyCon t-shirt! Don’t forget to enter the raffle!

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